A billboard campaign that drives web & foot traffic to the arts & entertainment district of Columbia, SC.


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Video Courtesy of Cinema Couture.


Create a campaign that performs well locally, as well as outer markets in order to drive traffic to the Vista’s brand new website.


Research & Demographics:

    • Vista is an arts & entertainment hub inside of Columbia, SC – the state’s capital.

    • Competition from many destinations within a 2 hour radius.

    • Very “up-and-coming” part of the city.

    • Lots of energy and personality in the area.

    • Popular spot for dating & nightlife amongst couples of all ages.

Potential Concepts:

    • Advertise the large number of shops and art galleries.

    • Show the growth rate of the area, mark it as a great place to open & grow a business.

    • Show some of the great food from the trendy, local restaurants.

    • Speak on what a great place it is for taking a date, or meeting a new one.


We personified the Vista and reinforced its already vibrant personality.

In order to bring in the elements of friendliness, hospitality, lightheartedness and creativity. What better better way to be approachable than to break the ice with a cheesy pickup line? This created an opportunity to incorporate all of the great attributes (dining, nightlife, etc.) of the district into the lines and imagery.


Web Traffic Increase


Results will be posted at the end of the campaign in June, 2017.


Web Traffic Increase


Web Traffic Increase